How? Well, First I stick the flag in the sand, and then I…

userpic=frebergToday’s collection of lunchtime news chum all explore the question of “How?”:

  • How the Prime Meridian Changed The World? Today, we take many things for granted. Navagation. Time. Starbucks. Except for Starbucks, establishment of the prime meridian was critical in the standardization and acceptance of the concepts. So why is the prime meridian where it is? This article from National Geographic provides a good answer.
  • How Did a Worlds Fair Pavillion Become a Family Cabin? The 1964 Worlds Fair in Queens NY had a number of iconic structures, many of which are still standing. Three of them (which looked a lot like the LaConcha motel office) were at the Worlds Fair marina. Two of them remain there. One, however, is now a cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Here’s how that came to be.
  • How Does One Bake the Earth? No, this isn’t about global warming… at least in the sense you are thinking about. A baker in Australia received a request to bake a spherical cake that mirrored the internal structure of the earth. Here’s how she did it.
  • How Do You Measure Pencil Hardness? We’ve all used the ubiquitous Number 2 pencil (or, if you are a mechanical pencil person like me, the B-Soft lead). Ever wonder how those designations came about and what they mean? Wonder no more.
  • How Do Child Stars Go Bad? We’ve all seen the misbehaving former-child star, from Lindsay Lohan to Amanda Bynes. Ever wonder how it happens? Mara Wilson, herself a former child-star, provides a very good explanation of the process.