What Parents Miss When The Kids Come Home From College

userpic=calEarlier today, I linked to a number of lists posted in the Daily Cal, including a list of 5 things to enjoy now that you’re home from school. Of course, one thing the Daily Cal didn’t post was a list of the things the parents can’t enjoy now that the kids are home from college. I must oblige with a dozen… feel free to add to the list…

  1. Peace and quiet in the house.
  2. Only having to do a small number of loads of laundry.
  3. Having an empty sink in the kitchen… and having it stay that way.
  4. Most of the lights in the house remaining off.
  5. Only grocery shopping once a week.
  6. The house staying picked up for more than 30 minutes.
  7. Control of television and other electronic media.
  8. Not having to worry about when someone will be coming home… or if… and who they might be with… and if they are spending the night…
  9. Being able to run around the house in any state of attire, or lack thereof.
  10. Having your car available when you want it… and having it remain clean and with a full tank.
  11. Having confidence that all the doors to the house are locked when the house is empty.
  12. Yes that. You know you’re thinking about it, and you never want to think about your parents doing it.