The Times, They Are A’Changing

userpic=californiaI was staring at my collected news chum while eating lunch, when suddenly a common theme came to me: All of these articles have some element of external changes impacting something that has long been standard:

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  1. I’ve been watching the whole thing with post offices, too. I’m also a participant in Mary Robinette Kowal’s Letter Writing Challenge (this is the second year; happens in February). I don’t use the post office as much because postage is so expensive. I did the pen-pal thing all through middle and high school and most of the way through college. I had pen-pals across the US, Europe, and in Japan. With stamp prices the way they are now, a whole book can last me several months. The only bill we don’t pay online is our rent, but that will change once they make that option available, so there’s not much outgoing any more.

    1. I still pay all my bills with stamps — in fact, I go out of the way to get nice commemoratives from Overall, it is a small price to pay to support an important institution (especially as I gave up stamp collecting years ago because it got too expensive having to buy sheets of 20 to get plate numbers).

      1. Here’s my thing. I don’t have a car, nor do I have a conveniently located post office or any place I can easily buy stamps – the price of stamps notwithstanding. Also, I don’t really like ordering online from USPS. I don’t mind paying an extra $1 for delivery. But I DO mind the extra, unnecessary packaging that comes with today’s stamps. 9×11 envelope, a cardboard insert wrapped in plastic. So much waste. Given the cost, the waste, and the time it takes to get to an actual post office, it’s better, on my end, to push a few buttons and save some stress. Besides, what bills we do have, we save $2 a month that often comes in handy somewhere else – like for a trip out somewhere on the bus and home again.

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