Soy burrito del borg. La resistencia es vana.

Yesterday, I shocked someone when I pointed out to them that Chipotle Grill is actually owned by McDonalds. This afternoon, I was reading an article about Wendys (you know, the little minx that doesn’t care about me), and I learned that Wendy’s owns Baja Fresh. I also learned that Jack in the Box owns Qdoba Mexican Grill, and of course, El Pollo Loco was at one time owned by Dennys, and is now owned by the same company that owns Charlie Brown Steakhouses and the Villiage Voice. Lastly, we all know that CKE Enterprises owns Carls Jr., Hardees, La Salsa, and Green Burrito.

All these “fast food” mexican restaurants. Now I know why they are so mediocre, and popping up everywhere, driving out the “good” joints.

Me? Give me Sharky’s any day. Rubios will work in a pinch.