Toshiba A665 Touch Bar/Media Control Bar Problems

userpic=toshibaBack in early 2011, I wrote about problems I was having with my Toshiba A665-S8086 laptop. Specifically, I was having a problem where the touch bar would start randomly lighting, volume would go up and down, etc. I ended up back then solving the problem by having the unit repaired, which was supposedly a motherboard replacement.

Last night, it did it again. This time, I believe the problem was related to static. Doing some research between tasks, I’ve identified a number of solutions from the Toshiba support forums that make it clear this isn’t a motherboard problem — it is some form of confusion. So I decided to post this for my reference in case it happens again.

Solution #1: Full Reset (Ref: 139486)

With the battery and AC adapter removed, close the Power switch for half-a-minute.

Re-attach those, press the Power button to turn the computer on, and then immediately press the F2 key while the Toshiba logo is displayed. Press F9 to restore the BIOS default settings, press F10, and then select Yes (Exit Saving Changes). The computer will restart. (Additional references: 246082, 287373, 129321)

Solution #2: Reinstall TVAP (Ref: 326054)

Uninstall your TVAP (Toshiba Value Added Package) using Control Panel, Programs and Features. Restart computer. Download and reinstall TVAP found HERE.  Restart computer. (Additional references: 83067)

Solution #3: Update BIOS (Ref: Fixya)

The Toshiba Service Station shows two updates available, 2.20 and 2.30. v2.30 is optional; it supposedly fixes a problem where the system will auto wake when RTC wake is disabled. v2.20 is a recommended update that supposedly addresses the problem where the 12-cell battery won’t charge after an over-discharge.  Neither appear to address the touch bar. The installation instructions are:

  1. Save all work in progress and close open applications.
  2. Click Download, then click Install from the Toshiba Service Station.
  3. Click Yes to confirm restarting after the installation completes.
  4. Click Yes/Continue if a User Account Control Window is displayed.
  5. After the update completes, the computer will automatically restart..
  6. While the “Toshiba” LOGO is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.
  7. Check the version of BIOS and press the F9 function key then Enter to load setup defaults.
  8. Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit. The computer will automatically reboot.

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I had this exact problem, and just decided to do all of the above to try and fix. Not sure which one was the key, but thanks very kindly for compiling them 🙂

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