Friday News Chum (a day early): Blood Types, Zombies, Santa, Christian Radio, UP Maps, and old Jails

userpic=lougrantWell, it’s Friday, and you know what… what do you mean it is Thursday… to me, it is virtual Friday, as starting tomorrow I’m taking off to the end of the year. So as I said… well, it’s Friday, and you know what that means… Time to clear out the accumulated links:

  • Blood Types. We’re all aware of different blood types for people (and some of us even know our blood types, but not me). Have you ever thought about whether humans are unique with blood types. We’re not, and this article from Mental Floss looks at the different blood types of Dogs and Cats. A co-worker basically said what one of the comments said: For dogs, they often are universal until the first transfusion.
  • End of the World. Tomorrow, or is it Saturday (I guess it depends on your time zone) is the end of the world. What? You didn’t know? In any case, you can be prepared. Evidently, the Zombie Apocalypse Store in Las Vegas is doing thriving business.
  • The Mail Will Get Through. Even if the world ends, the mail will still get through. I know, because Tom Paxton told me. It will certainly get through to Santa. In fact, an enterprising teacher in a Missouri school district is having her students write paper letters to Santa Claus. This bothers me quite a bit. I have no problem with the exercise and having students write letters. That’s good. The problem is that they are to Santa… seemingly irrespective of the student’s beliefs… and being imposed by a public school district.
  • A Word from Our Sponsor.  I noticed in the Ventura County Star today a report that a Christian radio network has bought 92.7 FM in Thousand Oaks. This is worrisome to me, as 92.7 used to be Jill-FM, and was a sponsor of Cabrillo Music Theatre.
  • Password Generation. One of my favorite tricks that I recommend to generate passwords is to take a map — the older, the better — and use names from that map to give you a series of words (you connect with special characters) that can create a password (I normally take the first 2-4 letters of each and do some substitutions). Old transit maps are great for this, so when I saw on the big map blog the 1900 map of the Union Pacific railroads and steamships I figured it was worth highlighting (and no, I don’t use this map).
  • Jail vs. Prison. Lastly, an article that highlights an interesting language distinction: jail vs. prison. The article is about Iron County Missouri’s 145-year-old ‘dungeon’. This is an incredibly old jail, constructed two years after Lincoln was elected and still in use, un-remodeled.