Stupid is as Stupid Does

Today’s collection of news stories is about some stupid behavior in the news:

  • Thinking With The Wrong Head.  By now, I’m sure that everyone has read up on the whole mess with Gen. Petraeus. Where some are seeing conspiracy (especially in the timing), I’m seeing stupid, stupid, stupid. A multi-star General should know better than to have an affair, and should know not to hint, true or not, at any sensitive information. He should also have known that the minute any word of it got out (and it would), his career was toast due to two little words: adverse information. One cannot hold an Intelligence position and have the threat of blackmale hanging over one’s head. Further, it is now pointless to have him testify at congress: if he knew anything, it would be classified, and he no longer has need to know — and thus cannot testify — about the information. This is just a royal mess to clean up, a mess caused not by Obama, but because the General couldn’t keep it in his pants.
  • Feeding our Fears. Our modern media has amplified the fear of pedophiles and such activity. While I agree that such activity is horrific, it has also become our bad activity d’jour.  At a conference many years ago, the speaker noted all he would have to do to destroy your life would be to plant kiddie porn on your computer without your knowledge, and then report it. Even the accusation is enough to destroy a career and brand one for life. I mention this all because of today’s story about Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, who is accused of a liaison with a 16yo. Sesame Workshop has investigated and he supposedly didn’t do it. I’m inclined to believe Sesame — I expect this will turn out to be a planted fried rat story by someone out for money. I can’t imagine Clash would be that stupid. But this is an example of how stupid is a tarbaby. Even if (or should I say “when”) the story is disproved, it will stick around as an urban legend, and haunt Clash for years. [ETA: And I was right… a planted fried rat story…. for the accuser has recanted the claim]
  • The War Between The States. In one of the greatest examples of post-election stupidity, residents in 19 states are petitioning to secede from the US because Obama was elected. The states? Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Will this ever happen? No. The Supreme Court has indicated secession from the US is not possible (although with a revolution, that’s meaningless); more significantly, the existing US would never let it happen. Further, those states would not be economically viable as they would need to reimburse the US for infrastructure constructed. I think it shows the extent to which the Tea Party Fear, Uncertainty, and Distrust has hurt this country. If the Democrats can survive 8 years of George W. Bush, the Republicans can survive 8 years of Obama. The country will certainly survive, as the checks and balances in our government make it so that the President does not have imperial power. We need to stop being scared of each other, and learn to work together.

Music: Doctor Looney’s Remedy (Parachute Express): “We The Children”