More Vacation Observations

Some more observations from vacation:

  • This morning, we went out to the Street Fair at College of the Desert (Ehhh, due to the summer lull), and then drove out to Shields Date Garden. Back in the day, Shields was an oasis along Route 111 — since the 1920s it has been a place to stop, have a date shake, and pick up some desert goodies. It’s still there (and the date shakes are still wonderful), but civilization has grown up to it. Whereas it was once isolated in the desert, it is now surrounded by continuous shopping and country clubs all the way along Route 111 (or former Route 111) from Palm Springs. There’s even a major shopping center across the street. Sad to see, in some ways.
  • Being in Palm Springs has made me realize I love 1950s and 1960s motels and their history. It’s one reason I love the history of Las Vegas from the 1950s and 1960s, and one thing I enjoy about Palm Springs. I can drive around and remember this history of this place and that, or look at an building and can tell by the architecture what it used to be. Palm Springs still has a lot more of the 60s than Vegas has.
  • I know I’m a mathematician at heart. When I was sitting out by the pool this afternoon watching the people and the little dramas, my mind got to wandering how much space a gallon of water takes, and whether the shape of the pool could be described mathematically and calculus then used to figure out the capacity in gallons of the pool. Yeah, a math nerd at heart… but one that loves history (and watching the scenery at the pool).