Various and Sundry II

I do want to remind folks about my Johari window. I’m finding the results fascinating, and I’d love to get input from as many folks as possible.


Quote of the Day, from Dr. Deborah Lipstadt at historyontrial (link): Of them it can be said: Their minds were so open their brains fell out.”

Plugging again for recent syndications I’ve created:

valleyobserved provides information on the history and lore of the San Fernando Valley

historyontrial is the blog of Dr. Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University, discussing her battles against Holocaust Denyers. Dr. Lipstadt was just accepted as a judge of the contest being done by an Israeli Webpage to show that jews can come up with better antisemitic cartoons.

bggnewgeeklists is the RSS Feed of new geeklists from BoardGameGeek.


I’ve said this before, but nothing has firmed up. I’ll be in the S.F. Bay Area the week of February 27th, and I’m hoping to be able to meet at least of few of the folks I only know electronically. Contact me and we’ll work up something.