The Reality Has Hit

The reality has hit. We got our first CARS (Tuition and Housing) bill from UC Berkeley for our daughter today. It’s bad, but not as bad as it could have been. This also means move-in day is rapidly approaching. So, a question for my friends in the Bay Area: Move-in is at 10am on a Friday. We’re planning on driving up Thursday and spending the night somewhere (probably not Berkeley proper). What makes more sense, given the commuting patterns: staying down in the south bay (San Jose area), or staying out Livermore way?


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  1. In my experience…given that I haven’t done this commute on a regular basis since 2010:

    The traffic from Livermore to Berkeley between 9am and 10am shouldn’t be too bad, given that there are no accidents that day. However if there was an accident or some other situation that requires the CHiPs to allow trucks on 580, the back-up can be formidable.

    Traffic from San Jose to Berkeley is usually clear sailing after 9am and if there is a back-up there are some alternative routes to get around traffic.

    Thankfully my daughter’s move in day at Mills is on a Saturday, so that is one factor we don’t have to worry about.

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