Raise the Jolly Roger for KaiserBlueCrossHealthCareCo, and Toast the Earth for ExxonMobil

This morning when I checked my email, I had a message from Conrad Deisler of the Austin Lounge Lizards. He was letting his fans know that the lizards have released two more politically-themed animations:

  • Toast The Earth. Made for a group called “TrueMajority“, this animation addresses the lunacy of the global energy organizations, such as ExxonMobil. “Toast the Earth with ExxonMobil, just ignore that burning smell…”
  • Pirates of the Health Care-ibbean“, a pirate-song for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Conumer Rights (FTCR). This animation addresses the lunacy of health care profits (and is great in tandem with their song “Rasputin’s HMO”). “Yo Ho. Yo Ho. Go Ahead and Die. I’ve got mine and I feel fine, so go ahead and die!”

These two animations are on top of their previous three:

  • It’s Always Christmas Time for Visa“, done for Consumers Union, about the greed in the Credit Card Industry. “It’s always Christmas time for Visa / Mastercard gets presents every day / Our interest rate just went to 29 percent / Even though we’ve never failed to pay”
  • The Tower“, also done for Consumers Union, about the power of the media conglomerates. “It was the Tower, Big Media Power / Beaming down from heaven every minute, every hour / Invasive and persistent, / Abandon your resistance to the Tower”
  • The Drugs I Need“, also for Consumers Union, about media advertising and the selling of untested and unneccessary drugs. “My disease may not be fatal, but I can ease my fears / By taking two twelve-dollar pills each day for fifty years / They’ve spent billions to convince me so now I realize / Progenatorivox beats diet and exercise”. Note that you can take Progenitorivox in conjunction with Panexa

Austin Lounge Lizards humor. This is how a day should start.