What a Waste!

Today’s collection of news chum—potentially the last in 2011—I bring you a collection of stories that are about things that are a waste, or otherwise appear odd to me:

  • Getting Carded. If you are like most Americans, you either gave or received a gift card this year. Did you know that there is an estimated $41 billion in gift cards sitting out there unredeemed? Think of what a boost it would be for the economy if you used them. So scour those drawers, those old purses, those pocketbooks. Find the cards, and get yourself something useful.
  • A Waste of an Election. No, I’m not talking about the GOP primaries in general… just the specific primary in Missouri. The Republicans in the MO legislature scheduled it in early February, and the party made them resort to later caucuses instead in order to select delegates. But they were unable to cancel the primary, so Missouri is going to pay for a completely meaningless election: the Republican side is meaningless and doesn’t contain the leading candidates, and the Democratic side is foregone conclusion. Your tax dollars at work.
  • The Value Menu. Wendy’s is reentering the Japanese fast food market… with a $16 foie gras and truffle burger.
  • Umm, Know Your Market?Manischewitz is creating kosher food designed to appeal to Gentiles (non-Jews). The advertising for these new products makes no mention of the kosher connection, unlike the Hebrew National ads of old that referenced answering to a “higher power”.
  • Change for Good. You’re going through the airport. You have change in your pocket, but you’re going through a TSA checkpoint. What to do? Evidently, a lot of people just give the money to the TSA… an estimated $376,480.39 in the 2010 fiscal year! What does the TSA do with it? They spend it on their operations. One lawmaker wants that to change: they want the TSA to spend these found funds on the USA and travellers aid.