See Jane schlep. Schlep, Jane. Schlep.

I just received my copy of Yiddish with Dick and Jane. Funny book. Funny. To give you an idea:

Susan is with Dick’s friend Phil.
Phil puts his arm around Susan.

“I wonder why they are at that motel,” thinks Dick.
“They must be going to a party to celebrate some simcha.”


Someone comes out of Tom’s house. It is Stanley.
“What is Stanley doing there?” asks Dick.
“Maybe Tom wants Stanley to sell the house for him,” says Jane.
“You know how Tom hates to handl.”

Tom comes out.
Tom kisses Stanley on the mouth.
Sally starts to laugh.
“No wonder Susan is with Phil,” says Sally. “Tom is gay!”

“Tom is more than gay, Sally,” says Dick. “He is overjoyed.”

“Of course,” says Jane. “Stanley must have just told Tom what a good price he can get on his house.”

Oy Gotenyu,” sighs Sally.

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