Some Local News, with a Little Extra

Today’s lunchtime news chum brings together a collection of items with a local flavor:

Bonus Item: Folks probably know I love my iPod. If you are a long time user, you should know that there is a recall of 1st generation iPod Nanos due to batteries reheating. If you have one (I did), you can look into replacing it here. Related to this, I saw an article about how CDs are dying (I see those regularly), and began to think of an ancillary impact: It will be harder to see your used music. This must have echoed into the ethersphere, for shortly after those thoughts I saw an article about how the RIAA doesn’t like resale of used digital music files. We’re moving from an era where you own the copy of the music, to where you are licensed to listen to it. This is why I don’t want my music in the cloud, and why I eschew purchasing from the iTunes store (which has digital rights) in favor of Amazon (which sells unlocked MP3s).