A Matter of When – A Lunchtime Musing

First: A disclaimer: In the 2008 election, I was an Obama supporter. I believed then that he was the stronger of the two candidates, which looking back, implied we really didn’t have much of choice by the time the field narrowed.

That said, I’m watching how things are shaping up with interest. None of the Republican candidates interest me, a moderate slightly over on the progressive side. They are either too tied to the Tea Party, or too tied to the religious right.

So this raises the interesting question: I saw, while looking at the LA Times over lunch, that Obama’s current numbers show a nationwide approval of 39%, and that historically, presidents don’t win re-election with that sort of approval rating. I can’t imagine the Democrats will be so tied to this course that they’ll stay on a sinking ship (but then again, we are talking the Democratic party here). So at what point do you think we might see challengers to President Obama emerge, and who might they be?