College Planning (Part x of many)

Every now and then, I’ll run across some posts that make me say, “Hmmm, I have a HS senior. I should remember these things for her college planning…”. So I save them here, tagged, as my memory bank. Perhaps they’ll help you as well…

  • 10 Practical Things To Know Before Your Freshman Starts College. There’s some really good advice here, such as “You won’t automatically get a bill” or that student health services won’t automatically bill your health insurance for non-covered costs.
  • 10 Best Colleges for the Money. Good institutions where it costs less to attend. Most of these aren’t places where my daughter would attend (although some have been sending her mail, such as Grinnell), but they do include the Claremont Colleges, which are worth investigating as a backup.
  • 10 Ways to Land More College Aid. I particularly like #3, where you can explain extenuating circumstances.