Media Thoughts

A few thoughts on some media-related items in the news:

  • Ashton Kucher. So Mr. Kucher is replacing Mr. Sheen on Two and a Half Men. I’m curious to see how they do it, and hope it goes well. The show had gotten harder to enjoy as you realized you were no longer laughing at a fictional character, but the far-too-real Charlie Sheen. For all the nay-sayers out there about Mr. Kucher, I urge you to remember that both Sheen and Kucher are actors, and usually not the characters. It is the writers of the series that made Charlie Harper funny—they put the lines in his mouth. Sheen’s recent tour showed that Sheen doesn’t have the same writing skills. Since the writing team is staying the same and is usually energized by a change like this, the odds are good that Kucher will succeed.
  • Tween Stars. The NY Times has an interesting article on how hard it is to be a tween star these days. It’s not a new problem—I went to school with the brother of Anissa Jones, who played Buffy on Family Affair, and comitted suicide shortly after the show ended.
  • UCLA Live. The UCLA Live season has been announced. Of particular note in the season are the TMBG concerts on January 28, 2012: a family show at 11am, and a 30th anniversary evening show. And speaking of performers and singers, I’ll note the NY Times has a nice article on Sutton Foster.
  • Politics Live. Sometimes, you have to look at politics as entertainment, for its too scary to look at it any other way. Just look at Gingrich the Newt, who is saying the upcoming 2012 election compares to the election of 1860. Yup, it’s a civil war allright! Just look at this line: “Gingrich also blasted Obama as “the most successful food stamp president in modern American history.”” No racism there. No suh! Or his statement that “Obama is best understood by his “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior,””.