And Today’s Winner at Southern Ren Faire Is…

Today was opening day for Southern Ren Faire, and by coincidence, it was our chosen day to go to the Faire. It was a cool day—partly cloudy and threatening to rain (but it never did), a bit breezy, with a high of at best 65°F. Actually quite a good day for Faire, although I’m sure the ice cream, water, and fruit ice vendors wouldn’t agree. Of course, what visit to Faire would be complete without the costume commentary regarding the costumes that made us go “huh?”. Please comment with your opinions as well.

Candidate #1. Our first contestant is this group of crusaders, just a few hundred years out of date.

Candidate #2, Our next contestant is this young lady in a pink bikini with belly-dancer bells on it. Mind you, this is in pretty chilly weather. She was wandering around, constantly tugging on it because it kept wanting to fall off.

Candidate #3 and #4. Pirates are always good fodder at the faire. Candidate #3 (near right) is dressed like Capt. Morgan of Captain Morgan rum. Candidate #4 (far right) is one of the many Jack Sparrow wannabes. There were far too many pirates running around… you start getting used to them, but some are worse than others.

Candidate #5. Another thing you see a lot of at Faire are fairy wings. I’ve learned to ignore them. However, sometimes wings are used for other purposes, such as this young lady, who decided to dress as a bumblebee.

Candidate #6. This candidate has a bondage theme, with super-high platform shoes, striped leggings, leather, and a leash.

Candidate #7. This fellow I’ll call Hell-Boy, with his red face and horns. I wonder what the Puritans thought of him. Many folks enjoyed taking pictures with him, however.

Candidate #8. This candidate must also have confused the Puritans. He was dressed in proper period, I’ll give him that. He was just the wrong gender for how he was dressed.

Candidate #9. This fellow had a somewhat similar problem. Now, I’m used to kilts. They aren’t a problem. But one normally doesn’t see a bright purple kilt, or should I say skirt, combined with armor.

Candidate #10. Speaking of oddly placed metal.. here’s a young lady in a black bustier bodice with a metal belt, and a shiny black skirt. Alas, I didn’t get the picture of the other young woman in an aluminum bodice.

Candidate #11. Alas, I couldn’t get these young women from the front. I really can’t describe these: animalistic, with furs, in short short skirts, wearing horns.

Candidate #12. Our last candidate, who arguably is equally anachronistic as the first, just in the other direction of time. Here we have a fellow in a Harley-Davidson T-Shirt, with a wooden sword… and my favorite part: a Burger-King Crown!

Now its your turn. Looking over the candidates, who do you think is the winner?