That Was Weird…

My new computer (Toshiba A665 laptop) just had a situation where it was beeping continuously and having trouble with the lit soft buttons. Other than that, it was behaving normally… booting fine, running programs fine. Restarting didn’t seem to clear the problem, but a shutdown and power off for 5 minutes did. My best guess is that it is related to the computer going into sleep mode while (a) on battery, and (b) while iTunes was up and connected to the iPod. Perhaps that created some confusion in the electronics of a USB port. Either that, or I’ve got a flakey module somewhere in the keyboard. That could be (we’re only 3 weeks into use), but I’d hate to have to rebuild things.

ETA: Yes, I did both Avira and Malwarebytes scans, and they found nothing.

ETAA: As of Monday, the beeping hasn’t repeated itself, so the USB module is looking more likely.


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