Online Comments

I’m beginning to find online comments annoying. As I’ve written about before, we did a tech refresh in mid-December, and as a result, I have a new Toshiba laptop (A665) (Erin got the Toshiba E205). Today I looked at the CNET reviews, and there were one or two user reviews that mentioned frying motherboards or hard disk problems. I’ve experienced none of these problems (but this also why I worry about backups — I’d like to find a good backup solution for file not image backup, so please comment on my backup post), but hard disk failures are something that scare me.

I need to keep telling myself that 20 comments are a drop in the bucket given the sales volume of this product (and this is equally true for the backup products as well). If there are a total of 5 problems, that is a true minority of the cases. The vast majority of people who purchase the product are likely very satisfied with their purchase. Our easy ability to comment can really skew perceptions (as I’ve noted before related to comments on news articles).

ETA: I just noticed the first Cnet reviews I looked at were for the -6050. The -6086, which is my model, has only one user review, and it is positive.