Blanking on a Name

I’m trying to find the name for something I remember, so I’m turning to you, my internet friends. What I’m looking for is the name for a selection system I remember from my youth. There would be a collection of cards, with holes punched along the top. Some holes were complete; some were open at the top. If you wanted to select a subset of the cards, you would stick a wire (or wires) through the appropriate selection holes and lift. Only the cards that had complete holes for any of the wires would be lifted out of the set (if you wanted the “and”, you would do multiple passes of lifts from an ever increasing subset).

I can picture the thing in my mind, but I can’t remember what it was called. Do you have any ideas?

ETA: Doing a bit more searching, I found two articles: here and here, that led me to a possible name: edge-notched cards, also known as McBee cards… which led to a good explanation here.