Obamacare Misunderstood

This morning, while I was up early, I was reading a USA Today article on how the rules on FSAs are changing. I was reading the comments, and I realized that most folks don’t seem to understand the health care reform. This is the fault of the Obama administration for not getting out a clear message about what benefits and changes the legislation brings. Here are some examples:

IAMFEDUP wrote: “Take congress’s healthcare away… make the politicians use the same healthcare that the pubic uses… and wall-la watch how fast the healthcare system gets fixed.”

One of the aspects of the law—pushed by the public that didn’t want a single payer system—was that you could keep your health care plan if you want to. Single-payer might fix the health care problems, but the public didn’t want that. You get what you want.

Mister Grumpy wrote: “If Obamacare is so good………. how come the program doesn’t apply to those in Congress and the Executive Branch?…………….. They get to keep their current benefits at little or no cost to themselves…………..”

See the above. The program does apply to those in Congress and the Executive Branch: they get to keep their employer-provided insurance if they want to. Sounds like you’re agitating for a single-payer plan, which “Obamacare” isn’t.

baboons wrote: “THanks for making it more difficult to use our health care Obama… you suck.”

Making it more difficult to use health care, you say. First, remember we’re dealing with not being able to easily pay for OTC medicine with pre-tax money. Instead, you have to let your doctor know what OTC medicine you are taking so they can inform you of any drug interactions that might reduce its effectiveness. That sounds like you’ll get better care. As for “using health care”, that’s not the question here. The question is whether you can pay for it with pre-tax money.