Doesn’t Bode Well

I hate it when days don’t start well: You wake up at 3:30 am with a bit of a headache, and your alarm normally goes off at 4:45 am (meaning you won’t get back to sleep)… and the drivers are such on the van that you have to drive longer in the morning (only other driver gets on at the 2nd vs. 1st stop) and don’t have a backup in the afternoon (meaning if that headache blossoms, you’re stuck)… plus it looks like the first telecon of the morning may be a bit contentious… plus it looks like there is loads to do today and not enough time…

About the only good thing is that it is my daughter’s 16th birthday (I did the song on FB this year, for that’s where she’s hangin’). We’ll do her birthday dinner tomorrow night, and her party after finals in December, and go shopping for her present (laptop computer) when she has the time.