Grrr… DirecTV

At our old house (about 5 miles to the east), we had DirecTV with no problems. At our new house, it is a different story. Let me count the ways:

  • Way the first: Our premium channels (either Showtime or HBO) are spotty. In the evening, we often lose about half the channels (for example, HBO Signature). We also tend to lose Fox Movie Channel. This happens on all the boxes.
  • Way the second: We have 3 RCA boxes and one DirecTV. Two of the RCAs that have seen the most use are requiring continual reboots.
  • Way the third: Now, the RCA box in the bedroom has gone to continue “Searching for Satellite…”, and won’t reboot and load the guide.
  • Way the fourth: Part of this is transponders. All of our even transponders are weak, right now, at least according to the two troublesome boxes.

DirecTV is coming our for the third time tomorrow to fix the problem; this will be their fourth visit if you include the reinstall. This time they are suspecting the cabling. M’self, I think I need to elevate this to customer retention if it doesn’t fix the problem: I’m starting to suspect those RCA boxes.