I Made The Paper: Your Driving “Pet Peeves”

For a while now, Gary Richards (better known as “Mr. Roadshow”) and I have occasionally worked together. I’d send him questions related to Bay Area stuff, and he would ask me questions related to Southern California. For example, with the recent opening of the express lanes on I-680, he asked me for my opinion regarding how the Southern California lanes work, and the things for which Northern California people might need to be alerted. Gary knows I bring the perspective not only from my website, but as a long-time vanpool driver.

Normally, I’m in the background, but today I made the paper. Today’s “Mr Roadshow” Column is about pet driving peeves. Here’s part of what Gary wrote:

A And “…

Q Weaving in and out of traffic, without signaling, just to save 30 seconds, and people who don’t plan ahead and then have to do things at the last minute, be it crossing six lanes of traffic on The 405 or slamming on their brakes because they haven’t been looking ahead.

Daniel Faigin

A Daniel is webmaster of cahighways.org and a vanpool driver in Southern California.

So, given Gary has given us the topic: What are your favorite driving peeves? (I was going to write “pet” driving peeves, but then I realized that talonvaki has probably taught her incredibly smart Abys to drive :-))