AT&T U-Verse Questions

We’re seriously considering moving to AT&T Uverse (bundled Internet+ Phone); we’re sticking with DirecTV for TV. I’d like some opinions on U-Verse? I’d also like to know if the 12Mbs is a reasonable package (we’ve been on DSL)?

If we go with the 12Mbs package, the cost would be $80/month ($69.95 for the first year), plus a one-time modem fee of $100 and installation of $149. If we go with the 18Mbs package, it is $93/month, plus $149 installation fee (no modem fee, it appears).

Is anyone using U-Verse? What is the reliability of their internet service? What is the quality of their phone service? How good were their installation techs?

I’d welcome any opinions (link to opinions on los_angeles).