Internet Service Frustrations

A quick morning post. Our Internet at home has been down since about 8pm last night. This happens occasionally with Earthlink, but always gets me thinking (especially as a spoke to a high-school classmate at the picnic who noted that Earthlink seems to be disappearing slowly). As background, we have Earthlink DSL, which is provisioned over AT&T (formerly Pac Bell/Pac Telesys/SBC) lines. We’ve been with Earthink, either as Dialup or DSL, for over 10 years, and pay $39.95/mo (although it could be $49.95—my memory is unclear). We have Verizon wireless for our cell phones and are happy with them; we use DirecTV for our TV service (the cable provider in our area is Time Warner).

So, given I’ve got the periodic frustruction, what should we do (results):

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