Livejournal and Dreamwidth

Today’s post by theferrett regarding Dreamwidth and crossposting has prompted me to state my position:

I’m staying on Livejournal.

Yes, I have an account on Dreamwidth; same user name as a matter-of-fact. But the community I interact with tends to be over here on Livejournal; I’ve established my Livejournal identity as the source of my online blog. I see no reason to confuse people. Furthermore, I’m not as bothered by the LJ kerfluffles as most: I figure they will be sorted out over time, and since my posts are 99.9% public anyway, I don’t have the same risk worries. Furthermore, my account it permanent here, and I’m loathe to pay for something and not use it.

You may ask: So why don’t you do like many people have done, and post on Dreamwidth and have it mirror on LJ? The simple reason I that I have LJ set up like I like it; my account on DW is a free one with a style that I don’t like. Going over there is work I don’t need to do.

You may say: But I’m on Dreamwidth because I’m scared of Livejournal, and I can’t read you anymore. To that I say: nonsense. You can always have my RSS or Atom feeds added as syndications on Dreamwidth, or read them in your local RSS reader. My posts are 99.9% public. If I learn that I have a significant group of friends who are ONLY reading Dreamwidth, then I’ll consider copying any friends-locked posts over there. I’ll note that you are free to comment on LJ using your Dreamwidth account as OpenID.

I’ll also note that I intend to propagate public posts I make to Facebook. Not comments. If you are wondering why, the answer is in the paragraph above: I do have a significant group of friends that are ONLY reading Facebook. This allows them to keep up with me and to comment.

So, that’s my position. I’m staying on Livejournal, and I’m hoping that you stay as well. Yes, the LJ staff doesn’t know how to communicate their way out of a paper bag. Still, it has been my blogging home for 6 years now, and I’ve just grown very attached to the people on my friends list here.