The Joys of Being a Homeowner

Remember yesterday how I wrote, “We had a toilet back up a line and start leaking out the side, and the plumber is coming at 2pm. Forwarned is foreplunged :-).”

The good news: it turns out it wasn’t my fault.

The bad news: The gods of coincidence gave us a collapsed branch plumbing line, meaning they’ve got to dig up and repipe about 15 feet of pipe in the front yard (including a piece of brick walkway), to the tune of $2,300. Ouch! Evidently (according to my wife) this was a slow failure that was building over time. They should be able to complete the work by the end of the day, and we’re hoping they can put in a stronger pipe.

P.S.: Adding a final “grrrrrr….” to the day: The cafeteria here at work is closing early due to the Labor Day weekend. So they have a limited menu… and their only healthy, vegetarian, non-iceberg lettuce lunch is: Yoplait Yogurt. So guess what I’m having for lunch. You’ve got one choice.