I Hate To Travel

Today’s been a *fun* day:

  • Security at LAX was its usual inconsistent self. Today, they ordered me to remove my suspenders that hadn’t caused problems in the past, complained my bag might be too big (when it wasn’t, after I took out my back belt I planned to put on after security), and yelled at me for using 3 trays instead of 2.
  • The flight to Boston had a load of PRC students on it who didn’t seem to understand the flight crew when they gave directions, such as turning off electronics. (This is a pet peeve of mine: If I have to do it, then everyone should be doing it).
  • The bus driver for the Silver Line bus in Boston just decided he wasn’t going to stop at any of the stops between the Silver Line station and South Station. I needed to get off at World Trade Center.
  • The hotel (Westin Waterfront), which is in the Waterfront area, actually has no reasonably priced restaurants near it. I ended up at the Legal Test Kitchen with a $20 piece of salmon.

Hopefully, the conference days will be better.