Worries About XP SP3

Today, USA Today carried the report about Windows XP SP2 updates are stopping this week. This worries me, because our three desktop machines at home (1 HP, 2 eMachines, all AMD Athelons) are still at XP2. Before you ask why, the reason is that, shortly after SP2 was released, there were numerous problems with installing the updates on AMD machines, in particular, on HP machines where XP was preinstalled.

Here are some reports on the problem:

Given these problems, my inclination is not to attempt to do the SP3 update myself (I hate SP updates, and I’m not sure how to recover if they go back), but to call in someone who has likely done tons of them, and thus knows how to deal with the problem. In particular, since I got these computers many years ago at Best Buy, I was thinking of using their Geek Squad service. Does anyone have opinions on this service (or have a recommendation on someone out in the San Fernando Valley to use)?