Birthday Wishes for mortuus and larymotrmn

OK, Folks, you know the drill. Allright everyone, let’s gather in front of our large, 13″, Black and White TV set, and watch as a tall, lanky man in a khaki uniform strides out, introduces himself as Sheriff John. He turns to his backing band (three fellows on guitar, base guitar, and drums) in order to confirm they are ready, and then screams, “This song is for my girl mortuus… a one…. a two…. a threee”. He then sings:

Happy birthday
happy birthday –
Happy birthday
happy birthday –
Happy birthday
happy birthday.

happy birthday in a hot bath
To those nice
nice nights.
I remember always
always I got such a fright.


Seeing them in my
dark cupboard with
my great big cake.
If they were me
if they were me
And I was you and I was you –
If they were me and I was you
Would you have liked
a present too.

happy birthday in a
hot bath . . .

Happy birthday
happy birthday

He thanks the band, pulls out his accordian, and then says, “And this is for you, larymotrmn…”

This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long

[Did you know you can pick which song the Sheriff sings for you on your birthday? It’s easy. Just visit the 6th Annual Birthday Poll on Livejournal or the parallel note on Facebook. Note that if you want the birdie to be able to inform the Sheriff about your birthday, you need to make sure your birth month and day is in your LJ or FB profile, and it is visible to your friends. Note that the Sheriff only sings a song if I know you personally or you’re a regular commenter. So don’t lurk!]