Van Nuys HS in the News

Reading an article in the Daily News over lunch, my eyes caught the following: “Valley schools appear on best list: Two San Fernando Valley schools were listed among the top 150 in Newsweek’s new compilation of 1,600 top American schools. Van Nuys High School ranked 55th on the annual list, while North Hollywood came in at 149. Newsweek compiles the list based on the number of Advanced Placement classes, and on standardized test scores. At least 15 schools from Southern California were ranked among the top 200.”

This is good news for Van Nuys, for other “name” schools in LAUSD (in particular, Granada Hills Charter) didn’t make the list. You can see the full list at the Newsweek site; Van Nuys is on page 3. Alas, their profile page doesn’t give more details, except for a disbelieving comment. [Other valley schools: LACES, #64; North Hollywood, #149; Monroe, #406; Hami, #468; Pali, #600; Birmingham, #646; Cleveland, #666; Venice, #732; El Camino, #1026; Granada, #1053)

Speaking as the father of a Van Nuys student (in the PA magnet), I can state that if the child is motivated, they get their tush worked off. My daughter did 2 AP last year, and will be doing 4 (I think) next year. They are weaker in how they enforce some discipline problems, but that’s a different story.

ETA: Just got a text from my daughter: “I HAVE STRAIGHT As!! I have a 96.8% in (AP) World History, and I set the curve on the Bio final.”