Lost and Found

A few lost and found notes:

  • Found: My keys. Kudos to the United team at DSM (Des Moines), who found my keys from the flight, correlated them with my email, and fedexed them to me. According to my wife and daughter, the fob works on my car, so it looks like the correct set. For all we complain about UAL, it’s nice to be able to complement them when they do something right.
  • Lost: My daughter’s month-old cell phone, on the river rafting ride at Disney’s California Adventure.
  • But Found: My daughter’s month-old cell phone, when they rode the ride a second time and asked the attendant if a phone had been found. Even more amazing (although I haven’t see it myself) is that my wife and daughter report the phone is undamaged (and with no water damage, even).