Gee, But Its Great To Be Back Home

Well, I’m home from Scottsdale. It’s nice to be home, but the house is quiet, as the rest of the family is in Fresno for Lauren’s memorial service up there (there will be one down here on 3/14). As for Scottsdale and Phoenix… I just have to say that, other than smoochie and Joe, I’d rather be in Tucson :-). Perhaps I should explain…

My meeting was supposed to end at 1pm, but we ended around 11am. I had a 545p flight, so I thought I would meet up with smoochie and do lunch. Alas, she was out of the house, so around 1pm I gave up and tried to find a local Mexican place. I’m in Arizona (I thought), it should be easy. It wasn’t. Drove along Indian School (the only Mexican restaurant I saw there had no parking), and drove along Camelback to Scottsdale Road. Drove up that (because I vaguely remembered a Mexican place near the Raddison from when ACSAC was there in 1998/1999), but I couldn’t find the Raddison and gave up above McDonald (looking at the map, I should have gone further to Shea). Drove back down Scottsdale, and did find one restaurant (Blancos) that had a 25 minutes wait. Figuring I could do better, I continued down, and when I hit Camelback, went west. I finally found a local chain place (Arribas) over near AZ 51. Took about 2 hours. At that point, I just decided to head to the airport, since I wasn’t that far away.

Luckily, the flight back to BUR was nice. Had an empty seat next to me, a happy baby in the row in front of me. I had forgotten how easy BUR is easy to get out of.