This afternoon, in order to support a homework project my daughter had, we went out to the Norton Simon Museum. While she sketched, my wife and I walked around looking at the art (and I listened to last week’s Downstage Center podcast). A few observations:

  • As I walked in, I was face-to-face with the “Three Nymphs” sculpture by Maillol. The girls looked like teens, and I was thinking how society has changed in how we view things. How would all the historical sketches of youth by artists be viewed in today’s society.
  • I found it interesting to watch the people watching the art, and looking at how people have changed, especially in how we present the female form today. The artistic view of the female form found in classic art still resembles women today, but how our media presents women (think our view of models), alas, doesn’t.
  • I was imagining the life of the folks who work there: standing in silence all day, not interacting with patrons, just watching…. It would certainly drive me crazy.