(meme) Suppose You Were Bunbury?

I was reading the “Roar of the Crowd” newsletter at Goldstar Events (a great place for ½ price tickets in Los Angeles). It was discussing the play “Bunbury: A Serious Play for Trivial People“, which is described as follows:

When he discovers that he is only a fictitious character in The Importance of Being Earnest, Bunbury joins forces with Rosaline, Romeo’s never-seen obsession from Romeo and Juliet. Together, they use their anonymity to infiltrate and alter classic literature, starting by accidentally giving Romeo and Juliet a happy ending. The resulting transformation of such classics as The Three Sisters, A Streetcar Named Desire, Waiting for Godot, and even Edgar Allan Poe’s THE RAVEN spawns a new sub-discipline in literary criticism and may even change the world.

This raised a question in my mind, which I’ll pose as a meme and invite you to ask in your blogs:

If you could be a fictitious character in any piece of literature, and be able to infiltrate and change the story, who would you be (and why), and what would you do or change?

I’ll give you my answer after I’ve thought about it for a while.