ACSAC Day 5: Last Day in Paradise

Today was the last day of ACSAC 25. For me, the last day of the conference is a business day. It started with a panic when we discovered the hotel had taken down our registration area — we had to scramble to get it set up again, and for them to find out power cords. That was followed by the committee breakfast (and me running upstairs to help Marshall find his notes, which triggers an asthma attack 🙁 ). After that, I sat in part of Ron Ross’ session with the CIO from PACOM — yet another person to whom I’ll be sending my document! During the second session of the morning, I began packing up the conference office. Once I had the books mostly packed, I attended part of a session until the projectors were done. With those packed, it was off to FedEx Office to get them shipped. Interesting fact: it is cheaper to ship from Hawaii to California than from California to Hawaii: Five boxes going HI to CA were around $139; Three boxes going CA to HI were $213 (and the five going HI to CA included those same three that went from CA to HI).

Once those were off and I was back at the hotel, we were done with the conference. So what did I do? What I’ve been wanting to do all week: went downstairs to the pool, went into the infinity pool for a bit, and then went back to my chaise, put on a podcast of the IgNobel awards, and watched the beautiful Hawaiian scenery (and I’m not talking just about the ocean :-)). After a beautiful sunset, I grabbed a quick dinner because I want to get my evening stuff done quickly and get packed. I get picked up tomorrow morning at 4:15am Hawaiian time to go to the airport (I’m sharing a shuttle with Ron Ross — always a good thing).

So this is my last post from the isles for a while. Aloha to Hawaii. Perhaps we’ll be back for ACSAC 30!