ACSAC: Day 1 in Hawaii

People keep saying, “Oh, you’re in Hawaii. Go have fun on the beach”. So I thought I would give you an idea of a typical day in the life of your tutorial chair:

  • 500a Alarm goes off
  • 530a Showered and dressed, I wake the computer and start checking personal and work email and taking care of work.
  • 645a Go downstairs to help set up registration, and set out projectors in the rooms
  • 730a Have the conference continental breakfast while networking with attendees
  • 830a Tutorials start. Sit in on a tutorial to actually learn stuff, periodically going out to make sure everything else is running smoothly. Also keep working on the reviewing project I brought from work
  • 1000a Break. Get more tea.
  • 1030a Tutorials resume. See 830a.
  • 1200p Lunch. Stand and make sure that only registered folks are getting the lunch. Network with attendees.
  • 130p. Tutorials resume. See 830a.
  • 300p. Break. Eat a cookie.
  • 330p. Tutorials resume. See 830a.
  • 500p. Tutorials end. Go collect the projectors and the cords. Make sure the rooms have all of our stuff out of them. Sort everything out back in the conference office.
  • 540p. Get back in the room. Check work email.

About the only free time I get is in the evening. Tonight, for example, I walked down with Michael Franz of UCI and Sven Dietrich of Stevens to Shorebird Beach Broiler for dinner. We had a great dinner discussion about the UC admissions policies. I probably won’t have any free time until Friday afternoon. The vacation in Hawaii will need to wait until my own time, likely in 2011 (2010 is college preview on the east coast).