Dining Out in Honolulu

I went out to dinner tonight with the always delightful shutterbug93 and her husband — this time on their turf — Honolulu. We went to an interesting restaurant called Angelo Pietro that had an interesting menu. Our appetizer was something called Raw Potato Salad, which was just what it says: finely shredded raw russet potatos, treated to stay white. You pour various dressings over these: there was a sesame-miso, shoyu, ginger, and a ume dressing. Quite tasty. They serve pasta there, but not quite Italian style. Yes, you can get tomato sauce, but I tried it with a shoyu sauce. So my pasta was spaghetti with chicken and tuna, topped with fried onions and a light shoyu sauce. Tasty and interesting. Dessert was a Macadamia nut pie ala mode: like a pecan pie, but with macadamia nuts.

All new tastes. All quite delightful. I’ll have to try some of these at home.