Well, tomorrow morning I leave for Hawaii and ACSAC 2009. That means today is a busy day… and a long one. I had a headache last night, and I wouldn’t be surprised to have one Sunday or (alas) Monday. So what’s on tap for today?

  1. √ Paying Bills
  2. √ Packing
  3. √ Verifying that this week’s updates to my work laptop didn’t break the VPN
  4. √ Cleaning the house
  5. √ Changing the bed
  6. √ Washing the bed linens
  7. √ Picking up prescriptions
  8. Dropping off the mail
  9. √ Cleaning the kitchen
  10. √ Burning 3 episodes of Heroes to DVD
  11. √ Finishing off the “Long-Time-No-Play” Playlist and resyncing the iPod
  12. √ Printing my boarding pass
  13. Attending “Taming of the Shrew” at Van Nuys HS
  14. The after-show party with tech-crew

Late night… and I’m up early tomorrow to make it to LAX by 6:30a for an approximately 8:30a flight. No idea when I’ll write the review.