Wednesday Link Chum: Delis, Shamu, Universal Studios, Helen Keller, Fresh & Easy, and other Nonsense

It’s been a busy day, but not so busy that I haven’t got some chum for you, my, umm, chums….

  • From the “Do Not Make a Stingy Sandwich, Pile The Cold Cuts High” Department: The NY Times has an interesting article about a dying breed of restaurant: the Kosher-Style/Kosher Deli. They have fewer customers, especially as folks become more health conscious. I should note that even the NY Times mentions our local deli, Brents, in the article. Anyway, I have noticed the clientele becoming leaner at our local faves… and I hope this is an institution that doesn’t fade away. So what’s your favorite deli?
  • From the “Shamu and Beer” Department: St. Louis Today is reporting that Busch Entertainment has been sold by AB In-Bev to Blackstone Group. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, let me translate: the corporate parent of Seaworld and Busch Gardens is no longer owned by the beer company. To me, Busch Gardens will always be the one that used to exist in Van Nuys.
  • From the “Valley Theme Park” Department: Speaking of San Fernando Valley themeparks, the Daily News is reporting that Universal Studios is getting a makeover. It doesn’t look like it will touch the themepark, but will touch most of the area around the studio, including some new roads between Burbank and US 101.
  • From the “But Could She See It” Department: CNN is reporting that Alabama is replacing one of their two statues in the senate with a statue of Helen Keller. Keller’s statue will replace one depicting Jabez Curry in the Capitol Gallery. Curry was a Georgia native who served as president of Howard College, which later became Samford University in Birmingham. They are keeping the statue of Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Wheeler, a Confederate general during the Civil War who, three decades later, volunteered to serve in the Spanish-American War at age 62 and attained the same rank in the U.S. Army. He was the only one of 425 Confederate generals to do so.
  • From the “Fresh and Easy” Department: One market that we have grown to like is Fresh and Easy, which has a nice selection of gluten-free foods. Alas, the LA Times is reporting that they are still losing money, to the tune of $259M in the last fiscal year. Ouch!
  • From the “Be A Clown” Department: Lastly, for you silly folks out there, the NY Times is reporting that nonsense can sharpen the intellect. So do something nonsensical every day. Narf.