Weekend Musings

It’s a quiet weekend. Yesterday was spent cleaning the house and doing desk stuff (as well as starting Season 2 of “The Tudors”). Today, after finishing the cleaning (and a few more hours of “The Tudors”), we’re going to Fiesta Hermosa, dinner, and then to the Hermosa Beach Playhouse to see “The Green Room” (where we’ll meet up with shutterbug93). Tomorrow we’ll see “Star Trek” (probably at 11a or 1135a) [possibly with ellipticcurve], and after that, the kid is off with her tech-crew friends to CityWalk, while we do… who knows what?

Of course, this means at least two reviews, but those will be for tomorrow. So, for today, let me share an interesting article about the former Fred Harvey restaurant at Union Station. I remember seeing this first back in the 1980s, when the UCLA team won the regional programming contest, and took the train to St. Louis. There was this empty, abandoned restaurant (and you know how I am fascinated by abandoned buildings). Years pass, and it turns out the space is used. No, not as a restaurant (too expensive to bring up to code), but as a rental facility for parties and events. As for Fred Harvey, he will live on as well. As part of the completion of Carhouse 7 at OERM, a large number of rail cars parked on the side of Carhouse 1 have been moved to Carhouse 7’s protective storage (at least according to the most recent Gazette). According to the same Gazette, that space will eventually become a Harvey Museum, spearheaded by the museum’s own Harvey Girl Society. With respect to OERM, I should note that the growth of this museum (and its museum family) has been remarkable. We joined back in the mid-1980s (the group itself dates back to the late 1950s), and the progress in just over 20 years has been amazing, and is a true credit to the museum’s volunteer leadership.