Well, It Finally Happened

When I got my iPod back in September 2007, I loaded all my music on it, starting with one of my favorite cast albums, Curtains. With my previous 1GB player, it seemed to never want to play a particular song from that show, “In The Same Boat (Completed)”. So, I figured, I would see how long it would take my new iPod to play the song. I’ll note that my iPod currently has 18,163 songs on it.

Since then, I’ve been primarily listening to the iPod on shuffle. Yes, I would restart the shuffle regularly, but I rarely played specific albums, and never played “Curtains”, waiting for “the song” to come up.

Well, it finally happened, around 6:45am. The song played. I heard David Hyde Pearce say, “Folks, the answer’s been staring us in the face all along…”, and it started. Ahhh…… only took about 18 months.