Busses, Boats, Cars, and Trains

I’ve been busy the last two days. So let me get you caught up…

Yesterday, for our conference special event, we took a bus to the Dana Point Sportfishing Pier for a whale watching cruise. We didn’t see any whales (well, except Jay), but we did see two different types of porpoises, and a bunch of sea lions. Even more than the sea mammals, just being out on the open ocean was wonderful. The In-N-Out that I planned for lunch was liked by all, everyone loved the cruise, so that was a success.

Coming home the traffic was really bad, especially along some stretches of I-5. What do they think it was, Friday? Anyway, Marshall and I hit Zankou Chicken (yum) for dinner, and made it home around 830pm.

Today, I took Marshall out to OERM. He’s a train buf, so he had a good time… and I enjoyed seeing the museum without the craziness of a full festival day. We got back a bit ago, and soon it will be off to nsshere’s old school to see their school play. Tomorrow morning… Dim Sum with ellipticcurve. Busy, busy, busy.