(meme) Web Meme, and a few reminders of past things…

As I was riding the van into work today, I thought of the following potential meme:

Through my postings and my interests lists here, you have likely built up an idea about who I am. Demonstrate that, by referring me to a web page you think I’d find of interest that you don’t believe I already know about.


A few days ago, I did the icon meme. This is the meme (as I presented it) that asks you to look at my userpics, and then comment with the following (providing explanations if possible): (1) One that makes you automatically think of me; (2) One that you think I should totally use more often; (3) One that you think I overuse; and (4) One that you don’t get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it. I do encourage folks to respond to this; I do try to choose my userpics with care.


I also keep reminding folks to beware the Tower. For those unfamilar with this, it is an announcement of a new Austin Lounge Lizards net-video for Consumers Union called “The Tower“, and it is about fighting the FCCs attempt to regulate media behind closed doors. In short, Congress is about to move forward on a plan to sell some of the public’s most valuable airwaves to telecommunications giants as part of its budget process. It also pokes at the growing single-ownedness of the media these days, which limits the voices we hear. You can see the video and learn more at www.hearusnow.com. It comes on the heels of the first video they did for CU, The Drugs I Need, about the marketing that the drug industry does.