The First Vote Meme

Well, I was going to do a News ChumTM today. I was going to talk about how the announcement about Circuit City closing 155 stores seemed oddly juxtaposed against the article about the VCR going the way of the dodo. I was going to write about the 100-calorie Twinkie. I was going to write about the death of Yma Sumac.

But then I realized, tomorrow is too important a day for ephemera like News ChumTM. So, instead, I’ll remind everyone to vote tomorrow. I’ll remind you that I’ve posted my analysis of the candidates and the issues on my ballot… and I’ll urge those of you in California to vote No on 8, No on 4, and for all US voters to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket.

The First Vote Meme

Lastly, however, I would like to pass on a meme. We’re all emphasizing the importance of voting in this election — however you decide the issues, it is important for you to vote. So think back to the first time that you voted. You have been doing it since you turned 18, haven’t you? Now, think about where your first polling place was, or the first one you can remember. Find it on Google Maps (street view is possible)… and tell us when, where, and provide a link.

For me? 1978. It was either Kenter Canyon Elementary or Crestwood Hills Recreation Center.