California Ballot Summary Post

As I know everyone doesn’t read their FL over the weekend, I just wanted to alert folks that I did my regular election ballot summary and analysis over the weekend. It was posted in two parts, presented here as two fake cuts:

( Part 1: Propositions and Local Measures )

( Part 2: The Candidates )

Part 1 has already engendered some heated discussion, both on Proposition 1A (where the discussion led me to change my position), and on Proposition 4 (where it didn’t). It did make me aware that with all the hoopla surrounding Proposition 8, we’re forgetting the battle against Proposition 4 (Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy). Right now, Proposition 4 seems to be leading in the polls. By the way, here are two links with respect to Prop. 4 that I forgot in the original post: the Yes campaign, and the No campaign. The “No” pages are interesting, for they show a large number of medical, educational, religious, and advocacy organizations, among others, in the Against camp. The “yes” pages show mostly individual politicians (they appear to be primarily conservative Republicans) and faith-based organizations.