Oh Boy, A New Game

“Who is that yold ridin’ that camel / The guy from Miami on a real big mammal
A hat for ten, twenty for two / The very best deal a schmuck can do!

When the camel moves, it shakes his kishkas / He loves his latkes and he eats his knishes
Drinks his seltzer and always pishes / Passover comes, it’s gefilte fishes

He toots his horn, a fine clarinet / Makin’ music for the Yiddish set
He is furblunjet, a little small / And mittin drinnin, for a matzoh ball.”

Yes, I’ve finally got it. Thanks to a trade on Boardgamegeek, I am now the proud owner of a copy of “Look at the Schmuck on that Camel” (yes, it is a real game). All it cost was my copy of “Return of the Stainless Steel Rat“. The game was published in the mid-1990s by Victory Games, a unit of Avalon Hills at the top of their catalog.

This looks hilarious. The goal of the game is to teach Yiddish, but there is no winner because there is no way of keeping score, except, as the manual notes “in how many units we sell, in which case when we count the money at the bank, it tells us whether we won.” It is a group game, because, as the rulebook states “One should not play with one’s self”.

It came with a catalog of products, Schmugs, Schmolo Shirts, Rap Schmats, Putts (golf balls), Tee Shmirts, Schmorts, Schmuck Links, Schmearrings, Schmin, and so on. Alas, I don’t think any of this drek can be purchased today. Oy.

P.S. Remember to beware The Tower.