Every Four Years

Every four years there is a spectacle that boggles the mind. It involves a lot of people, a lot of television coverage, a real lot of money… and some of what we see is faked. Oh, and there’s plenty of jingoism to go around.

No, I’m not talking about the presidential elections.

I’m talking about the Olympics. An amateur sporting event that used to be honest, that used to showcase people from around the world. Nowadays? Watch NBC, and all you see is the USA. We never see the small countries competing; we never see the real stories and challenges. Rather, we see fairness and human capabilites set by the wayside in terms of competition. We see China putting gymnasts out that in any other competition would be questioned as underage. We’ve seen loads of swimming medals broken, but folks are unsure if it is the atheletes… or the swimsuits or the pool itself.

Off the field, we’re having equivalent trickery. Those fireworks at the opening ceremony? Computer generated. That little girl singer who was so cute? She was lip-syncing because the real singer wasn’t cute enough.

I think there’s a reason I don’t watch the Olympics. Well, except women’s beach volleyball. That’s in the guy code. Even Shrub knows that.